Voyager en Chine

6am layover in Seoul, Korea

6am layover in Seoul, Korea

My 1st day in China…

I had some anxiety about taking a taxi from the airport because I realized that I had no idea where I was,  where I was going and no real way to communicate with the cab driver beyond hand gestures and head nods. I found the building and was surprised that it seemed so deserted. The neighborhood I am in is being developed and there are construction crews working through the night. I am told it is also the most English speaking area due to the presence of foreign embassies. I find my way upstairs and “voila!” the key works. The apartment is new, moder and has quite a view of the city, I am sure, although right now it is hard to imagine. The sky is gray and dense, but I have been assured that it is more fog than smog so we shall see tomorrow. I now sit here on a French PC searching for the proper keys (different layout than what this American girl is used to) checking email, etc… clinging to whatever piece of my normal life I can get my hands onto. I am off to explore the surrounding neighborhood.


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